My name is Kurosh Cory Behbahani.

I was born in Tehran, country of Iran and lived there up to high school. I came from a royal family; my father built a coca cola factory in the city of Mashhad from 1969-1971. He was a shareholder up to 1979 before the revolution in Iran.
On 1977 I got interested to learn more on TV and Video. Therefore my father sent me in Germany to study at a private school. After few years in study I went to America to continue studying. I have studied and learned multimedia, graphics, video advertising and also be the first person who involved with international TV shopping around the world, making professional web designs and selling products on middle eastern satellite TV which has over 10 million viewers around the world. Here you can watch a short version of a Show of me called „DotCom-Show“:
We can find any distributor for each Middle Eastern country for your company.
I have also worked 7 years as a broker selling goods to companies in Europe and other Arabic countries and Iran. I have lots of ideas and patent numbers. Please see this link.

-Other working fields: entertainment, events, webdesign, promo: I have created a young persian group of this generation.
Together we organize great persian events throughout europe and we´re directly in contact with thousands persians worldwide via phone, sms & email. We have a database of thousands of registered people, that means thousands of email addresses and phone numbers, so we can inform them very easy about all our plans, programs and events. This is also the best way to introduce our clients, their plans, programs or any products of them to all these registered people. This is a new way of marketing, that is email and sms marketing. Further fields and working projects:
- Webdesign: You need a professional website? We can implement this for you,with all todays technology points like
personalized email, personalized domain, including setup, update & technical support.
-Promotion Videos: You need a promotion video for your planing events or plans? We create the promo video for you and help you to broadcast it via satellite to all over the world! - Event organizing: You want to organize an event? You want to book a persian singer for your wedding or a concert? -> we organize it for you, and can help you booking any persian
singer. -Worldwide Promotion of products and events: You want to promote or introduce your products or events?
-> As mentioned above we do email & sms marketing for you, and introduce you to thousands of people.

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